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Title: The Little Ninja Who Could
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sex, cock-teasing, magic rulers
Summary: Fai never quite looks disheveled enough for Kurogane's liking.

Deanon from Clampkink.  Prompt: Fai/Kuro in which Fai has a bigger dick than Kurogane.

Kurogane collapsed backward into the sheets, brow glistening and breaths coming heavily. He ran the back of one hand across his forehead, wiping back the sweat that had accumulated before it could drop, stinging, into his eyes, the other he tangled through the mop of blond hair that was slowly working its way back up his torso. Fai looked...stunningly beautiful, which was completely incongruous with his swollen red lips and the lascivious way he was wiping his chin clean of saliva and sweat and come. His eyes ought to have been glistening, his hair ought to have been tangled and the mess around his mouth ought to have been larger, more unsightly, especially with the amount of noise he'd been making throughout the entire act - as if it had been a monumental undertaking.

Kurogane scoffed quietly. Typical pretty-boy.

"What's wrong, Kuro-sama?" Fai murmured as he settled into the crook of Kurogane's arm, looking entirely pleased with himself, "Even Big Puppy usually waits awhile after sex to grumble..." Kurogane narrowed his eyes and ruffled the wizard's hair until it fell in an appropriately mangled disarray. Fai only laughed and blew the strands from his face. "Kuro-sama~" he sang when he recieved no response and walked his index and middle fingers up Kurogane's face to poke at his nose. When this still failed to produce any noticable reaction, he rolled up onto Kurogane chest and planted his hands at either side of the ninja’s head, leaning in as close as he could to stare into red eyes.

“Oh, stop that,” Kurogane grumbled, pushing the wizard’s face away, “I was just wondering how it is that you never seen to have any trouble…you know.”

“I…” Fai’s face twisted in confusion, “I don’t know…?”

Kurogane sighed; he was far more inclined to relax into his pillow and drift off to sleep at the moment than to stop and explain to someone, who was more than likely hiding behind a wall of deliberate obtuseness, exactly why his post-fellatio visage ought to look more…disheveled.  He raked a hand across his face, “You never seem to…” Goddamn it, he knew there were better words than the ones that were about to come out of his mouth, but his brain was feeling as fizzy as his toes and his tongue wasn’t really feeling up the challenge anyway. “You never…gag, or choke, or anything.”

Ahhh,” a wicked gleam sparkled in Fai’s eyes and he darted forward to nip at the end of Kurogane’s nose, “Well, that’s just technique. And, you know…practice.” He grinned and ran a soothing palm down Kurogane’s bicep, “Why? Did you want me to choke? I could make it a priority if that gets you going…”

Tche,” Kurogane scoffed, “Not particularly.” His eyes narrowed as the greater implications of what Fai had just said crashed into him, “Are you saying I don’t have technique? Or enough practice?”

Fai chuckled lightly at this and rocked his hips forward, dragging himself suggestively against Kurogane’s thigh. “No, it’s just…” his mouth closed abruptly – and far too suddenly for Kurogane’s liking – and his eyes drifted off to the side, “I’m just good, is all.”

“I am plenty good,” Kurogane growled, tilting Fai’s face back toward him. He didn’t like this sudden evasiveness. It generally meant the idiot was lying, and if he wasn’t living up to his potential as a sex god, well! That was certainly something he needed to know about.

Fai just laughed. “Come on, Kuro-tan! What do you want me to say? That I have a bigger cock than you, so of course you’re going to choke on it?”

“I-” Kurogane blushed a furious shade of red, "WHAT?!”

“Aww,” Fay nuzzled his cheek against Kurogane’s and traced the tip of a finger around his chin, “Kuro-rin, we don’t have to have this conversation right now, if you don't want to. It’s not like you haven’t noticed by now-”

“It’s not that much bigger!” Kurogane was bordering on indignant and really wishing he had just let the matter drop and gone to sleep. Now there was going to be conversation and probably demonstration, if the creeping hands across his groin was anything to judge by…well…demonstration didn’t sound so bad actually…except… "Uhrgh,” he shuddered, over-sensitive skin sending an aftershock up his spine, “Leave it alone – he needs to rest.”

Fai whimpered, “But he’s already shrinking! How am I supposed to make my point, then?”

Kurogane fished behind his head to find a pillow to whack the wizard across the head with. “Don’t make it, then. Sleep.”

“That’s no fun, Kuro-shrink,” Fai ducked the pillow hurled at him, “Look, I’ve even got this!” He wiggled his index finger a bit and, within seconds, a short string of blue appeared to float in the air in front of him.

Kurogane’s lip pulled back. “What is it?”

“It’s a ruler, Kuro-stump,” Fai trilled and pinched the strip of light between his index finger and thumb, “Haven’t you ever seen one before?”

“Of course I have, idiot,” Kurogane grunted and closed his eyes, still hoping this whole thing would just go away (Fai didn’t just call him “Kuro-stump,” did he?), “Did you just call me-”

“Of course I didn’t, Kuro-petite,” Fai laughed and loosed the “ruler” to soar forward and wrap itself tightly around Kurogane’s cock. The ninja hissed at the contact and kicked his head back into the pillows.

“I told you it’s too soon to-uhhnn…” his eyes rolled back into his head, “God, that’s warm…”

Fai smirked and settled himself back into the crook of Kurogane’s shoulder, “Just let the magic work, Kuro-meager. It’s all in the name of science! Still, there’s no reason it can’t be enjoyable.”

“I-uh,” the blue magic coiled and tightened and stroked, “Shut up!” FUCK, how was he falling so quickly back into an aroused, keening mess while that bastard hurled these fucking slurs at him and his…little (goddamn it!) friend. And to make it all that much worse, Fai was staring at him with that cockeyed, half-smiling, I’m-about-to-make-your-life (and your cock) -so-much-harder expression that always left Kurogane torn between ripping him limb from limb or swallowing him whole… “Name of science” his well-formed ass! This was all in the name of molestation and, man alive…he was about to come again-

The “ruler” released him and fluttered back to Fai just as quickly as it had gripped him, leaving Kurogane burning and aching and furious in its absence. He snarled (or tried to, but quickly closed off his throat as the emerging sound trailed into more and more of a whimper) as the string of magic settled back into Fai’s grasp, several of the unintelligible symbols darkening into a deep red that set Fai’s tongue clucking.

“Hyuuu, Kuro-mongous,” Fai trilled, “Not bad!” – Kurogane smirked defiantly, momentarily forgetting that he was irritated and aroused beyond all reason – “My turn!” The “ruler” flew free of his fingers and wrapped around his shaft; Kurogane watched as it tightened and seized, remembering far too well the sensations against his own skin only moments earlier, and was once again reminded of how that bastard had left him bereft by a sharp twitch of his cock-

“Huh-hoooahhhh,” Fai groaned beside him, “That really is…haaaah! Warm!

That was about all Kurogane could handle, and he quickly freed his arm to roll up and over the top of the his tormentor, snatching his arms and pinning them to the bed above his head. Fai’s face was awash with sweat and flushed and twisting into exotic contortions that Kurogane knew were probably exaggerations but he didn’t fucking care anymore and dived straight into plundering that open, panting mouth, damning it all to hell. He could feel the heat rising from the “ruler” beneath his abdomen as it tightened and tugged at Fai, taste the reverberating moans it extracted, smell the salty, sweaty, musk rising up from the wizard’s arousal as he switched his grip on Fai’s wrists from two handed to one and fumbled at their bedside table.

Unn…Kuro-puu,” Fai laughed breathily below him, “You don’t have to haaaah prove anything, you know. You’re still my favorite OHHH little-”

”Fuck you,” Kurogane hissed and coated his fingers with lube, snaking them down between Fai’s legs and pushing in quickly, but nowhere near as roughly as his otherwise harried movements might have suggested. He thrust them in and out a few times, pushing, pulling, scissoring – Fai mewled and arched below him, murmuring something about needing to try a threesome which Kurogane pointedly ignored. The blue spell released Fai as he worked, floating once again back up to the wizard’s face and transforming a portion of itself into a deep blue, just to the left of the red swatch.

“See, Kuro-choad,” Fai smirked triumphantly through his panting, “I told you mine was bigge-”

That was enough. Kurogane sheathed himself in one thrust, purposefully angling high and stroking the head of his cock deep against the wall he knew would make the bastard moan the loudest. He wasn’t disappointed; Fai’s jaw dropped to make way for a throaty howl and his back arched up off the mattress to meet the thrust. Kurogane grinned triumphantly and released the wrists in his grip, using his freed hand to lift Fai’s legs up and over his shoulders, fingers digging tightly into their knees as he rocked and bucked them into a shared frenzy. He might have been smaller than the wizard – and he clearly was, now that the red-stained and slick-shined monstrosity itself lolled back and forth in plain view with each cycle of his hips – but he was going to make that bastard come so fucking hard that he would never be reminded of that again. His grin tightened into something decidedly more feral as he gripped the wizard’s (overly-large…that bastard had probably done something with that little magic trick to make it even bigger) cock and stroked him in time to their movements.

He thrust harder as orgasm took him (only minutes later, but they could argue about his stamina some other time), even as his thighs tensed and ice trickled up his spine distractingly. His hand sped as his hips shoved forward agonizingly, each shifting grip of the wizard around him sending pulsing, ticklish aftershocks coursing through his veins, and moaned triumphantly as Fai finally went taught – squeezing him deliciously and shoulder pressing hard into the mattress – and came over his hand, semen flowing warm and thick over his fingers in stark contrast to the faint buzzing that had already claimed them. Kurogane panted heavily, each breath rumbling out from between his teeth, and grinned like a maniac. “Small, my ass…” he managed.

Fai chuckled lightly – no more than a harsh accent to his ragged breaths – and swiped the back of a hand across his sweaty brow. “I think it’s my ass that’s small,” he teased, “That’s why we fit so well together.”

“I hate you.”

“No you don’t,” Fai smiled sweetly and raised a hand to stroke gently down the side of Kurogane’s cheek, hooking the tips of his fingers behind the curve of his jaw and encouraging him forward into a shaky kiss. Kurogane snorted and wiped his come-coated fingers across the Fai's belly, delighting in the way they caught in the tangled curls there and guffawing quietly at Fai’s complaints. He eased back onto his side next to the wizard and trailed his palm up Fai’s midsection, silently counting the dips between muscles and pressing his fingers into extra-sensitive spots.

“You’re a real bastard, you know that?” he murmured quietly against Fai’s lips, lazily lapping at them in poist-coital contentment. There was no real malice there, just a resolute need to repeat himself before he was lost in sloppy kisses and fingers tangling through his hair.

“Mmm,” Fai agreed, “But you’re so much more…determined when you’re flustered. I can’t help myself.”

“Tche,” Kurogane snorted and blew a raspberry against Fai’s throat, “You could just ask.”

Fai blew a stray piece of hair from his brow. “Doesn’t work that way. I think your ass clenches when you’re mad – gives you extra pow-” He was cut off by a pillow unceremoniously crammed over his face. Kurogane huffed and held the pillow in place as Fai’s wiry fingers clawed at his arm. There was a muffled shout from beneath the fabric, though, and he quickly let up.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Fai coughed, “I was just pointing out that I have more body hair than you, too.”

Kurogane rolled his eyes and slapped the pillow back in place. “I’m gonna need a sandwich first…”

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Love love love this. Fai needs to mix magic and foreplay more often, clearly XD

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