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I did a Relationship Meme over on Tumblr the other day, but since Tumblr's functionality as an archiving tool is next to nil, I thought I wouldpost these here... Incidentally, you can still pop requests into the comment here - I'll probably be a little (or a lot, seeing as how it's no longerSaturday night and my work week is ridic :P) slower in filling them, but \o/

Name me a pair of characters from one of my fandoms (let’s just go with all of Clamp and No.6 here - I don’t really have opinions on muchelse :P), and I will tell you:
* How I feel about their relationship
* The high point and the low point of their relationship
* My unpopular opinion about their relationship
* One thing I wish would happen / had happened with these two in canon
* Something about them I consider true, though it’s just head canon
* A ficlet (100~500 words) of them having a quiet moment together


Watanuki & Yuuko for Mikkeneko

"It feeds on soundwaves," Yuuko whispered, dragging her fingertips across the welt burning into his arm, “So if you don’t quit squaking, itwill only get bigger.” She nodded gravely and released his wrist.

Watanuki balked. He had been certain, up until the moment he’d stumbled through the shop door and she’d stared at him like he’d grown asecond head, that it was just a spider bite he’d gotten in his sleep. Are you sure? he mouthed. A cold, prickling dread crept up his spine - heshould have known sleeping in that damned Doumeki’s storage shed was a bad idea…
"Yes," she said, and he winced at how loudly her voice reververated though the entryway, “But don’t worry – if you don’t feed it, it should dieoff in a few hours.”

Oh. Well. That didn’t sound so bad, did it? He’d been afraid for a moment that the emergence of something grotesque and probably slimyfrom the wound was inevitable. He grit his teeth and nodded toward the kitchen. He could probably manage dinner without too much noise…

Mokona watched his steps closely as he shuffled through the entryway. “Is it dangerous?” it murmured in a low voice.

The barest of clicks announced the closing of the kitchen door.

"Of course not,” Yuuko laughed at full volume, “It’s only a spider bite. But the only thing left in the storeroom was cheap sake and I have asplitting headache.” She paused for a moment with a finger on her chin, “Remind me to send him out later for something better, once theswelling has gone down.”

Nezumi & Shion for Elanra
(Note: this was something I wrote awhile back, but was probably never going to see the light of day, so, uh...I cheated :P)

Sex, of course, ruined everything, though not exactly in the way he had imagined it would. Sion had always been a…well, a sap was puttingit mildly (complete and utter sap brought things a little closer, but was still wide of the mark), and Nezumi had held no illusions that any sort ofphysical relationship between them was destined to devolve into desperate soft touches and whispered nonsense and all of that othersmarmy crap that was best saved for the stage. He had always just believed it would be Sion instigating it…

It would have been worse if Sion had instigated it. Probably, anyway. There would have, at the very least, been laughter involved and thewhole thing would have ended very badly. He felt very certain of this.

Though in truth, it was difficult to feel certain about anything when he was still still sitting there in this god awful, awkward position, legslooped up over Sion’s and knees pressing into his shaking sides – half in his lap and half out – face pressed into the curve of Sion’s neckand arms teetering precariously over Sion’s bony shoulders and probably doing something horrible like flitting through the ends of hishair…

It was all he could do to breathe, which was harder than he might have expected, even with his mouth latched as it was on to salty skin andnose barely peeking over a shoulder and only flesh-warmed air, that’s neither satisfying nor particularly pleasing to drag down an alreadyscorched windpipe, to work with . (Even harder when the trembling in his chest refused to stop because Sion blatantly refused to releasehim – either of them – and every stroke of his hand only dragged out more writhing, gasping, and twitching…as if he were reduced tosome post-orgasmic gasping, twitching…thing.) His skin burned deep below its surface, though the cold air in the room was doing agood job of wicking away most of the sweat that had collected and making his hair stand on end with the chill. If his brain weren’t suchmush, he might be able to do something about it – pull one of the blankets up from under them or move away from the window – but it was mush, just like his muscles, and it was almost embarrassing how much he wanted to stay like this forever-

Sion finally (finally - Nezumi wasn’t sure he wanted to know where this stamina had come from, but it was damned impressive all thesame) collapsed against his shoulder with a low moan, teeth pricking into his shoulder where the airhead didn’t quite manage to close hislips around them, and stilled his hand. Nezumi hummed happily and let one hand drape down to trace across the scar winding aroundSion’s neck, fingers tracing dry pathways through the sheen of sweat coating it. Lips pressed gently into the side of his neck and his eyesdrifted closed. Finally.

Of course Sion would insist on ruining the moment with his squirming and proactiveness. Nezumi bit back the annoyed growl he feltbuilding in this throat as Sion pressed his shoulders forward to try and shift Nezumi back (with very little success – it appeared his muscleswere just as much mush) and snaked a hand between their torsos to grope blindly at the sheets around them. Instead, he dropped onehand down to catch Sion’s wrist in a death grip and shove it forcefully back between them. “No.”

“Hmm?” Sion’s voice was stupid with post-coital giddiness and just as clumsy as his hand, “No what, Nezumi?” he strained again to freehis hand, to no avail. “I need the-” he sighed in exasperation as Nezumi’s fingers only locked tighter around his hand, “I’m all-”

“Stay,” Nezumi insisted, though if he had meant to put more force behind it, he only partially succeeded. It wasn’t any use, really; Sion wouldcontinue to wriggle about now that he had a goal, completely oblivious to Nezumi’s all consuming desire to just stay-

He supposed he could say something more, but that would be an admission he didn’t feel like voicing (or dealing with at all) at the moment,so instead, he exhaled exasperatedly and pinned both of Sion’s hands to the wall behind his back. Amidst loud complaints, and with farmore grace and agility than Sion had managed, he groped with his free hand to find one of the many articles of clothing he knew werelittering the knotted sheets (his own T-shirt was the first to meet his fingers, but that was fine). He managed a feral grin through his haze ashe proceeded to wipe them both down and clean any last bit of mess that Sion might be compelled to whine about as thoroughly away ashe could before tossing the shirt back over his shoulder and hopefully over the edge of the bed. “Better?” he mumbled, lazily dippingforward to bite at the skin over Sion’s Adam’s apple.

“Why are you-” Sion wondered, but was quickly silenced when Nezumi maneuvered him flat onto his back (making sure not to let go his gripon his wrists, because that would just be ceding the battle before it was fought) and forced his legs wide enough to settle his kneesbetween them and drape himself over Sion’s torso, burying his face against the dip in the other’s chest. It was only once he was satisfiedthat Sion wasn’t going to start with the wriggling and escape tactics again that he released his wrists.

One of Sion’s hands fell immediately to rest at the nape of his neck, the other stroked along his bicep. Nezumi didn’t dare to look up – hewas certain there would be either a concerned or amused smirk looking back at him and he didn’t have the patience to deal with either –and instead pressed the flat of his cheek firmly against Sion’s ribs and snaked a hand around and behind his armpit. It wasn’t the mostcomfortable of arrangements, and he would probably have to move it once the blood supply ran out, but for the moment it added nicely to thesensations of close, warm, mine-

At least until Sion started laughing and rollicking Nezumi’s head all willy-nilly across his chest. Nezumi growled and poked a finger intoSion’s side. “Shut up,” he pleaded. Irritation roiled through him at Sion’s completely inability to grasp that he needed this. His entirebody ached for it; his eyes burned hot anger that he had no words to express. Just let me have this.

“I’m sorry,” Sion continued to laugh, though much more calmly, almost soothingly, “I just never took you for a post-coital snuggler.”

“This isn’t snuggling,” Nezumi insisted through gritted teeth. His hand groped around the edges of them – he knew there was a pillowlurking somewhere close-

“Really?” Sion murmured, and Nezumi felt most of the irritation melt away from him at how earnest he sounded. Or maybe it had not somuch melted as it had focused itself into his grip on the pillow he had just managed to locate. “And what is - aaaAK!” Sion sputtered as thepillow smacked mercilessly across his face. Nezumi was only a little sorry that he didn’t look up to see the impact; he felt much better forthe effort anyway.

“Aggressive spooning,” Nezumi informed him, and loosened his grip on the pillow.

“Shouldn’t the spoons-”

Nezumi shoved the pillow back into Sion’s face (it had obviously been a mistake to not hold it there in the first place), “Silent aggressivespooning.”

“Mmm,” came the muffled reply, and Nezumi breathed a heavy sigh of relief as Sion finally appeared to surrender and relax beneath him. Warm hands slipped down his back, all caressing palms and ghosting fingertips pulling them even closer together, and knees folded up tobracket the sides of Nezumi’s thighs. It was nothing more than a jumble of limbs – a Sion cocoon, for crying out loud – but the hormones(or endorphins or whatever other chemicals served to well to lull him into a relaxed state of idiocy like this) coursing through his veinsinsisted that it really was the nicest jumble of limbs he’s ever found himself wrapped in (not that they had much to compare it to, butthey were very insistent nonetheless) and nothing else in the world really mattered so long as they continued to be jumbly and there.

This really was the worst state of affairs he’d found himself in yet. The world could come crashing down around them, and he was fairlycertain that he wouldn’t be able to dredge up two fucks to give. If he had been thrown off guard by Sion in the past, he was surely ruined byhim now.

Worse, he felt entirely at peace with that.


“Nezumi,” Sion coughed and patted one of his hands against the small of his back, dragging Nezumi out of his little lament and back intoreality, “I can’t breathe.”

Nezumi reluctantly let the pillow drop, stuffing it down behind Sion’s shoulder and waiting patiently while Sion wiggled and shuffled it aroundto fit comfortably at the back of his neck. He breathed a sigh of…relief? contentment? as Sion’s breath slowed and his hands resumed theirslow stroke across his back.

“You’re really funny, like this,” Sion mumbled quietly, leaning forward to press a chaste kiss against his brow.

“Your sense of humor is lacking in both discrimination and class.”

“Ah,” Sion leaned back into the pillow and teased one hand up across his shoulders and into the roots of Nezumi’s hair, “Coherency isreturning, then?”

Nezumi considered this carefully and decided after only a moment that Sion was both evil and full of shit. Playing with his hair like that… “No,” he mumbled with finality. If anything, he could feel himself slipping over the edge into sleep.

Subaru & Kamui for Satoshisakura

"I don’t think I want to eat it,” Kamui mumbled, staring at the plate.

Subaru frowned. “But it’s fugu,” he said slowly, “Everyone should taste it once in their lifetime.”

Kamui sighed. “It’s not that I don’t want to,” he admitted, “But this is cafeteria food.” He pushed the plate away from him. “If we were at afancy restaurant, I wouldn’t hesitate. But…” he trailed off, leaving the implied I have to bring Fuuma back hanging in the silence and theThe world is depending on me conspicuously absent. “I just can’t risk it.”

Subaru laughed and pushed the plate back at him. “This is the Clamp Campus. Or did I need to remind you again that they spare noexpense on food?” He pulled his bag up from the floor, “Or perhaps you need another read-through the Clamp School Detectives manga?”
"No,” Kamui said quickly and snatched his chopsticks. “I should never have questioned Clamp’s taste in gourmet dishes.”

Thankfully, the fugu lived up to the better of its reputations that day.

Horitsuba Yuuko & Fay for Reikah/Inmyvortex

“Oh fuck,” Fay pants and bites down on his lip. This isn’t the time or place for wanton gurgling – not with only a thin wall between them and16,000 students – but she’s riding him so hard and so fast that his throat seems to have completely disconnected from his brain and isquite content in forming whatever idiotic sounds it pleases.

It doesn’t help that the pitcher of Mai-Tais they’ve shared over the past half hour has convinced her that this is all hilarious.

"It’s really a shame,” she laughs and squeezes him tight enough to send tremors shuddering up his spine, “That the walls are so thin.” Her lips are warm as they close over his and it’s all he can do to keep from dragging his nails down her hips with enough force to leavebruises. “Or I’d have you screaming my name so loud they’d have to evacuate on principle.”

Fay thinks he might do this anyway, and bollocks to the student’s delicate sensibilities. She’s laughing uncontrollably now and eachshockwave of her breath hits him like a raw jolt of electricity. The only thing holding him back is…



The only thing holding him back is the quiet rapping at her office door, which it suddenly occurs to him has been left wide open and ispresently occupied by a very disgruntled looking student, whose glasses are shifted haphazardly on his face and his hands balled into tightfists…

"Did you, maybe, want some privacy?” he asks, as if this is even a question. As if the chairwoman’s skirts aren’t bunched around herknees and his pants aren’t hanging around his ankles and they aren’t in a particularly scandalous position atop her desk.

"And a new pitcher, Watanuki.”

The door slams shut.

"You know,” Yuuko breathes as she slides forward once again, “I think our dense little barmaid may be catching on.”

This, Fay decides as his eyes roll back into their sockets, is definitely a possibility.

Kurogane & Fay for Eijentu

"That’s disgusting,” Kurogane grunts and pulls the blankets up over his head. He’s all relaxed and post-coital and certainly doesn’t need…whatever that is.

"But Kuro-sama-“

"But nothing,” he rolls over and pinches his eyes shut. It’s disgusting.

Fay sighs and wriggles his feet under the blankets, dragging them up and down Kurogane’s legs and leaving the distinct sensation of bugs floating up and down his spine. ”Is it better this way?” Fay breathes into his ear.

“No,” Kurogane grunts and rolls over.

There is never an appropriate time or place for Jazz Toes.

Kurogane & Mokona for Zelinxia

It wasn’t fair. All she wanted was to pet the kitty, but the kitty was having none of it. There were teeth and claws involved in this as well, but Mokona was too far burrowed into Kurogane’s armpit to be concerned with that. At least here the hissing was drowned out…

How could anything not find her loveable?

“Oi,” Kurogane grunted, and tugged at her ears. She hated when he tugged at her ears. And now it just made things all the more humiliating…

“Leave Mokona alone.”

“I can’t leave you along when you’re digging into my side.” He dropped her ears, but grabbed her around the middle and pulled her forcibly from her hiding place. Mean. ”Besides,” Kurogane grinned, “Just don’t do the super-suction-secret…thingy again.” He set her on the ground again and gave the cat a quick swat on the butt.

Mokona blinked back up at him as the kitty crept forward to sniff at her paws.

Kurogane shrugged. ”Cats hate vaccuums. What? I learned the hard way in Piffle.”

Horitusba Yuuko & Kurogane for Renlylittlerose
“It’s just a simple box step, Kurogane. There’s no need to get so flustered.”

“I am not flustered.” He is not flustered, for fuck’s sake. ”Flustered” is what happens when that blond idiot can’t keep his hands to himself in public and blushing and grunting and oftentimes growling happens. This is nothing like that. This is slow-creeping murderous rage, welling its way up from the depths of his soul, and if he didn’t have such masterful control over his body, she would have been dead thrice over already.

“Stop twitching, then,” she instructs, and grabs his wrist, slapping his balled up fist onto her hip. ”Flat palm, if you don’t mind.”

He does mind. Any contact is too much contact and goddamn it if she thinks she is leading this little exercise then she is sadly mistaken. He steps to the right.

She drags him left.

“This is going to look foolish in front of the students if you can’t even manage to remember which foot to start with.” Her face might be radiating infinite patience, but the edge to her voice betrays her frustration. They’ve been at this for far longer than he is ever going to admit, and they have six hours to pull something - anything - together for this stupid festival she’s planned. Emphasis on stupid, because why in the hell should teachers have to put on a presentation anyway?

And why can’t his involve a sword?

“Look,” she pulls him back into starting position, “If you can remember all of those katas, you can sure as hell remember four easy steps. Now stop fighting and let me lead.”

I’m leading-“

But she’s already counting them into a rhythm and not paying the slightest bit of attention. Typical. Whatever - he’ll follow, but only for now. And if she thinks he’s going to do anything fancy, she’s got another thing-

“I said dip, Kurogane.”


But he’s already on the floor.

“And this,” she says, with a triumphant grin, “Is why I’m leading.”
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