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Title: Fish ...Bits - OR - How Uakari can ALWAYS be talked into writing porn...
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Just...pure filth.  Bondage, spanking, disturbing commentary on the likely genitalia of mythical creatures...
Summary: *snerk*
Notes:  I was being a good little ficcer and working on my non-porn-filled NaNo fic all month...and then people started putting ideas in my head.  So rejoice and be merry - I give you pr0n just in time for finals!


Deanon from [ profile] clampkink Meme!  Prompt was: Kurogane gets tired of Fay's incessant teasing and ties him up - really, really well.  

It was well past sundown when Fay finally stumbled back into their shared room, clearly spent from his evening of carousing and (more than likely) drinking the owner of the inn under the table (again). Kurogane looked up only briefly from his mess of papers as Fay wound his way toward their bed and collapsed in a boneless heap on top of the blankets.

“Oi,” Kurogane huffed, “If you’re going to sleep, get under the blankets properly.”

“I’m not sleeping, Kuro-chan,” came the slightly muffled reply, “I’m just winding down.” He sprawled his limbs to accentuate this statement, knocking a bony elbow into Kurogane’s arm and smearing a great black splotch across his page. “What are you doing? Painting in bed?”

“It’s not painting,”Kurogane grumbled, quickly capping his pen before any more damage was done, “I was just…” he paused, annoyed that it wasn’t obvious, “Keeping a log.”

“A log of what?” Fay rolled lazily onto his back, crumpling more of the pages. Kurogane grimaced and snatched them away.

“Just a daily log!” He shuffled the papers into a messy pile and shifted them toward the edge of the mattress. “I’ve been keeping it since we left Clow.”

“Aww…” Fay droned, “That’s cute!”

Kurogane’s eyes narrowed to slits. “Go to sleep,” he grunted after a long pause.

“Not tired!” Fay practically sang, even though his eyes were closed and his breath slowing, “Tell me what you’re writing.”

“I just told you,” Kurogane gave Fay a good shove toward the opposite edge of the bed, “Now; sleep.”

“Dearest diary,” Fay began in much the same tone one might use to read a fairytale to a group of children, “This morning I woke to find a hair growing in the strangest place! I know when I was a young cranky ninja, I was often told that, as I grew, I would find hairs in the most miraculous of places, but I never imagined I would find one on my chest!”

“Shut up,” he leaned forward to sniff at Fay’s breath, “How much did you drink?”

Fay waved this away and nuzzled Kurogane’s bicep, “Just enough to make me warm and fuzzy,” he paused, a cat-like grin forming on his lips, “Though I don’t know how well the owner is going to be functioning in the morning…”

“Not that stupid game again,” Kurogane groaned. He had hazy, horrible memories of an alcohol soaked pack of playing cards and a smirking idiot across the table ordering him to lose his shorts or accept his penalty. He shuddered.

“No, no,” Fay smirked, “I only play that game with you. No, we were having a rather spirited discussion and things got…kind of out of hand.”

“Define ‘kind of.’”

“Well, we sent some local fishermen down to the piers to sort out our disagreement, and ended up splitting the loser’s share of whiskey before they came back.”

“…” Kurogane weighed the merits of demanding Fay explain just what in the hell he was talking about against getting a peaceful night of sleep. In the end, pure, morbid curiosity got the better of him. “Why the docks?”

“Well, one of the barkeepers swore up and down that he’d slept with a mermaid, so, naturally, everyone wanted proof.”

Kurogane sighed. He should have known the answer would be something utterly ridiculous. “So you sent someone down to the dock to net the mermaid he slept with?”

“No, no,” Fay assured him, “Just to net any mermaid. The specific one wasn’t important.”

“You’ve lost me completely. What in the hell was that going to accomplish?”

“They wanted to see if the, um, procreative bits matched his description.”

Kurogane stared.

“Oh, don’t look at me like that, Kuro-pon. You can’t say you’ve never wondered.”

“I haven’t,” Kurogane peeled his shirt off and set his pile of papers on the floor, “I’m going to sleep before I hear any more about this.”

“But think about it, Kuro-rin!” Fay continued, ignoring the taunt, “Have you ever seen a mermaid’s naughty bits?”

No,” Kurogane crawled under the blankets and pulled a pillow over his head, “I’ve never seen a mermaid, and I wouldn’t go looking for…that!”

“No, of course not,” Fay laughed and tossed Kurogane’s discarded shirt back at him, “Kuro-chaste is very decent. But everyone else was very interested. I mean, think about this logically-” Fay only paused as a pillow thwacked against the back of his head, “Have you ever seen a depiction of a mermaid with external genitals?”

“Oh for…just shut up!”

“If they’re like most aquatic reptiles, they would have a cloaca, which would make sex with a human very-”

“A what?”

“It’s sort of a one-hole-contains-all arrangement,” Fay continued, not missing a beat, “But that’s really beside the point. Thereal problem with the barkeeper’s claim was that she had breasts.” Fay paused, waiting for Kurogane to grumble or beat him with another pillow, and feeling slightly disappointed when the other did neither. “Even if you want to argue that a mermaid is still half mammal and therefore should have the requisite mammary glands – what good would big, globular breasts with multiple spouted nipples be under water?”

Just. Shut. Up.” Kurogane wanted nothing more than for this very disturbing conversation (if it could be called that; he supposed “lecture” might be a more appropriate description) to end, and end quickly.

“Every other aquatic mammal has tucked-back glands with a single large opening.”

Kurogane growled and pulled the pillow more tightly over his head. This was far too much thought to put into describing the possible anatomy of mythical fish tits.

“And don’t even get me started on the aqua-dynamics of bulbous jubblies. The drag from them alone woul lippaes mikleash protush murft.” The garbled nonsense continued to flow from Fay’s lips, even as Kurogane held the wadded fabric of his cast-off shirt between them.

Kurogane settled back into the sheets, leaving Fay to fumble with the makeshift gag. It landed atop his face in short order.

“Kuro-pon, that wasn’t very nice.”

Kurogane sighed and knocked the shirt away with the back of his hand. “No?”

“No – it tasted like unwashed man.” Fay slithered closer, his breath tickling against the nape of Kurogane’s neck as he spoke, “And not the good parts either.”

Kurogane grinned – it was barely noticeable across his lips, but the feral gleam in his eyes more than gave him away. In two movements, he had torn the sheer inner curtain from the window dressing and pinned Fay to the bed; with a third he’d begun winding the cloth around the mage’s head, pulling tightly so its edges slipped between his lips. Fay continued to laugh and snap his teeth as best they would close around the curtain, waiting until Kurogane had finished tying his work off before sitting up to undo the knot at the base of his neck.

The magician’s hands made it no higher than his shoulders before they were summarily grabbed and pulled into position for binding as well.

Kurogane paused, holding them in place and scouring their immediate surroundings for another bit of something to tie them with. His hesitation lasted one second too long, however, and he was caught off-guard by a knee knocking into his gut and hurling him backward off of the bed and onto the floor. He landed neatly in a crouch, still holding Fay’s wrists in a death grip, and bared his teeth, lips dragging slowly upward into a wild grin. Without further warning, he had wrestled the magician to the ground, pulling most of the bedding along with him. Fay twisted in his grip, legs kicking wildly amongst the tangle of blankets and sliding uselessly across the floorboards. Kurogane snorted; Fay was too busy laughing to put any real effort into the match and within second’s Kurogane had succeeded in tying his wrists together behind his head with a strip of fabric torn from the bed sheets.

Fay sprawled across Kurogane’s lap, shaking with laughter, his upper limbs largely immobilized…ah. Foolish ninja. Fay smirked; he gathered from the way Kurogane jolted backward that he hadn’t planned for the scrawling spell that loosed itself from Fay’s fingertips to explode across his field of vision in quite that way…

Not that the explosion played much to Fay’s advantage, in the end; it wasn’t as if the wizard was in the mood to injure his overly ambitious captor (or himself, considering their current proximity), but he wasn’t in the mood to go down without a bit of a fight either. He twisted his index finger once again, hoping for just a few extra seconds before-

Kurogane was quicker, and he certainly had not enjoyed the stars dancing across his vision that the first burst of lighting had left trailing in its wake; the sheet twisted between and around Fay’s fingers, holding them fast and firm. Kurogane slipped the loose ends of the sheet fragment into the already bulbous knot at the base of Fay’s neck and twisted the wizard around in his lap to admire his handiwork.

Fay locked his legs around Kurogane’s waist and glared. Kurogane laughed, long and low, at the ridiculous sight Fay made, wrapped up to resemble something that was too dangerous to be a birthday gift, but too comical to be a prisoner of war. Oh, this was precious

Kurogane had no time to rebuke himself for his accidental application of “precious,” however, as Fay’s eyes turned devious and he rocked forward into the ninja’s lap, purposefully stroking his (altogether too-bony, Kurogane quickly decided) ass against the quickly stiffening bulge of Kurogane’s cock. Kurogane’s eyebrows lifted as his eyes darted back and forth between the bound magician and the wire frame of their bed. Fay followed his gaze and chuckled darkly against the gag, tightening the grip of his thighs and dragging his hips forward mercilessly.

Kurogane allowed Fay to stroke himself against his lap for several moments, contemplating the most efficient way to proceed, and (in all honesty) thoroughly enjoying the slightly unbalanced writhing. He made his decision and, with only a hint of regret, dragged Fay from his lap and deposited him, kneeling, at the foot of the bed. Kurogane quickly adjusted the ties to loop around the wire, tightly binding Fay’s elbows to the frame, but leaving his head free to move. 

He smirked. “Don’t move.”

Fay gurgled something unintelligible and likely meant to highlight the
 staggering redundancy of that command, but stayed otherwise still as Kurogane righted himself and paced around the room. He leaned forward, supporting his weight from the ties at his elbows. His kneecaps dug into the floorboards and he spread his thighs wider in a vain attempt to ease some of the bite, berating himself belatedly for his lack of foresight in tempting someone with explicit knowledge of stress positions to tie him up. He waited patiently as Kurogane blew out the oil lamp lighting the room, patiently as he heard the door creak open and close again, patiently as he heard the soft padding of footsteps disappearing down the hall…

His patience wore thin as the minutes dragged on and Kurogane did not return, leaving him to slump despondently against the bed frame. That miserable oaf was doing this on purpose… Well, if Kurogane was this thoroughly nonplussed by discussion of mermaid genitalia, Fay had a distinct feeling the ninja was going to love the lesson on Centaur mating rituals he had prepared to discuss at length in the morning. Over breakfast. With little old ladies, fresh from Church services, occupying the booths within earshot. Possibly small children as well. Definitely Syaoran, at any rate, which – really – ought to be enou-

Fay exhaled in relief as he heard the door clatter open and closed and the lock snap into place. He craned his neck as far as the restraints would allow and shuddered at the sight of Kurogane in the doorway, teeth gleaming in the moonlight as he grinned like a madman, with a kitchen knife in his hand and a bottle of lubricant tucked into his waistband. Fay murmured threateningly as Kurogane moved forward, the sharp end of the knife slipping up beneath the hem of his shirt and pulling backward as it sliced through the light fabric. His protests grew louder as Kurogane finished the job the knife had begun and ripped the rest of the shirt open through the collar, leaving it hang open across Fay’s back and dangle from his shoulders, but making no effort to cut loose the sleeves. Fay sulked; he had been particularly fond of this shirt…

His sulking did not last long, however, as he heard the knife (mercifully) clatter to the floor a few feet away and felt Kurogane take up position behind him. Warm, large hands brushed the torn halves of the shirt aside and slid up his sides ( ah…so that had been the bastard’s plan), pawing and teasing at the skin over his ribs as a heated mouth latched onto the curve of his throat and dragged sharp teeth along its path. He moaned softly as Kurogane’s fingers traveled back downward, sweeping around to his belly and tracing slow circles aroung his navel before dipping below the waist of his trousers. 

One hand worked quickly at the fastenings as the other reached lower – pulling the band of Fay’s pants taut about his waist and yanking his hips forward – to grope wantonly at his balls and curl around his cock. Fay inhaled sharply as the fastenings popped open, finally free of one restraint, but harrumphed in disappointment as both Kurogane’s hands slid away to peel the trousers awkwardly away from his folded legs.

Kurogane grinned against Fay’s neck and tossed the pants to land with a thud in the corner of the room. His hands resumed their previous groping, clamping down firmly onto Fay’s hips as he licked a long, slow line up the other’s spine. He relaxed his grip only slightly as he reached Fay’s neck again, brushing aside the lengthy ponytail hanging from the other’s nape with his nose before latching his lips here and sucking warmth to the surface. His fingers drifted again, down the crease between hip and thigh and ghosted along the base of the wizard’s erection. Just as quickly as they had arrived, however, they raced back upward, dancing across his sides as lightly as Kurogane could manage.

Fay writhed and gasped around the curtain still wadded between his lips, twisting his hips and knocking his knees raw against the floorboards as he tried to escape the tickling. Kurogane’s knots, tied in flimsy fabric though they may have been, were not so easily loosed and all 
Fay accomplished in the end was to provoke an even tighter grip around his waist by his captor.

“Stop moving,” Kurogane hissed in his ear, fingers flexing sharply. The pad of his index finger traced a light line upward…

Fay gasped and twitched despite himself.

Kurogane tsked lightheartedly and drew away. Fay whined at the loss of proximity, the loss of body heat as Kurogane staggered to his feet and felt about the floor with his toes for the discarded pile of sheets. He yanked sharply when he found them, quickly tearing new stips from the abused linen with a satisfying rip and settling back on the floor. He slid his knees between Fay’s and scissored them quickly, forcing the wizard’s thighs as wide as he could manage in a single stroke, and binding Fay's knees to the bed posts to hold them there.

“Are you going to stop?” Kurogane teased darkly, nibbling an earlobe as he chuckled.

Fay let loose a strangled growl and huffed. He may have been enjoying this, but damned if he was going to be a submissive toy for Kurogane to play with.

“No?” Kurogane’s palm came down with a crack against the outside of Fay’s thigh.

Fay moaned breathily and pulled against the restraints. The sheets dug sharp and sweet into his skin as he strained against them, but held tight even as he shifted. His breath caught in his throat as a second palmcracked against his ass this time, leaving him to hang limply from the bed frame.

Kurogane rubbed gently where his hands had crashed down, soothing away the sting. Fay hummed contentedly and eased into the touch, leaving himself completely completely unprepared when Kurogane caught him a third time, palm crashing down just above the warmth left by the first, and pulled away. He dropped to his hands and knees at the wizard’s side, leaning forward to press his lips against the hot spots left by his hand. He dropped a line of small kisses up Fay’s thigh, darting out with his tongue to trace the edges of the prints left by blood welling under the surface and blowing a fast stream of cool air across the burning skin. 

He smirked, biting back a chuckle, and pulled himself up against Fay’s shoulders, gripping onto the bed frame as he leaned in. “Tastes like unwashed man,” he growled, “The good parts…”

Fay let out a low “hah,” which failed to travel much past the gag and pressed as far back as he could, savoring the brief sensation of skin sliding against skin. Kurogane allowed him this much and released the bed frame to wrap his arms around Fay’s torso and pull their bodies flush. His hands traveled slowly across Fay’s abdomen and chest, the pads of his thumbs sneaking up to rub rough circles around erect nipples and his fingernails grazing every so often at the sensitive skin at the wizard’s side (the quickly controlled twitch he received in reply was delightful), as his mouth devoured what he could reach of Fay’s neck. He dragged one palm lower, lower, until his finger’s curled around the other’s shaft and squeezed, pumping slowly…once…twice

Fay protested loudly when he pulled away again to catch his breath. He was panting nearly as harshly as the wizard, erection straining almost painfully against the front of his pants. He plucked the bottle of lube from his waistband and slammed it impatiently at against the floorboards beneath his knees, kicking his legs quickly out from his suddenly uncooperative pants. He flung the offensive clothing quickly over his shoulder, not bothering to make note of where they landed in the darkness, and sucked down deep, controlled breaths as he reached again for the bottle. He coated his fingers quickly, messily, and rose up high onto his knees for better leverage as he spread Fay’s cheeks and teased with the tip of a finger around the hole. He reached his other hand over Fay’s trembling thigh to cradle his cock – blatantly refusing to stimulate the other man further, but thoroughly enjoying the pulsing rush he felt throb along its length as he worked his fingers in and around, prodding and stretching. 

Fay was moaning freely when Kurogane finally withdrew his fingers, chomping at the spit soaked curtain and hanging slack from sheets tied at his elbows. Kurogane paused, contemplating cracking him across the ass once more just for the deliciously throaty moan of surprise he was sure he would receive, but decided against it, reaching instead for the bottle to slick his own cock. He grasped Fay by the hips and lifted as high as the restraints would allow, slipping his knees forward along the inside of the wizard’s thighs. He positioned himself carefully before pushing himself forward and pulling back at Fay’s hips, driving in almost excruciatingly slowly.

Fay shuddered as he sank down onto Kurogane, the sheets biting into the back of his knees as he was pulled backward and shoved down. He forced himself back as far as he could, as well; the bindings made it infuriatingly difficult at best to take in as much as Kurogane as he wanted and was left straining, centimeters from satisfaction. Kurogane’s hands were at his thighs again, dragging roughly over their inner surface, pulling them impossibily wider. Fay was suddenly all too aware of the ridiculous position he’d been locked into; his fingers twined uselessly behind his head, wrapped too thoroughly to dig (he wanted to dig, drag, feel his nails bend backward as they scraped along tender flesh) into anything, his legs pulled taught between the ties and Kurogane’s ever-tighter grasp – unable to stretch any further even as the burning stretch of his asshole and buried length of Kurogane inside him insisted he pull back just a little further to hit- Oh FUCK…

Stars dnced across his vision as Kurogane finally deigned to drive in and up and Fay cursed, strangled and broken, as he fell into a leisurely rhythm. Kurogane’s breath tickled his ear and hands squeezed at his legs, but he was given no further relief. Kurogane continued to thrust slowly, shallowly, never as deep nor as hard as Fay wanted, never managing more than to add to the torment already pushing him past the brink of insanity.

Kurogane grinned and bit down into Fay’s shoulder. He could feel the other’s frustration in every breath, every muffled keen, every tense quiver of his muscles, and finally relented, driving into him hard and fast and grasping his cock to stroke with the same harried rhythm. He quickly drove Fay over the edge, relishing the spasmodic jerks and twitches beneath his chest as the wizard came over his hand and the resounding vibrations carrying from the moan that continued to pour out of him even as he slumped forward into the bed frame. Kurogane relaxed his hold but continued to pound into him until the icy hot release of orgasm finally washed over him as well and it was all he could do to not slip backward onto the floor.

He panted harshly against Fay’s neck for a moment, arm wound tight around the other’s waist to keep himself from falling, before gathering his feet beneath him and slowly pulling away. He groped blindly in the darkness for a moment before latching onto his discarded trousers with one hand and the abandoned kitchen knife with the other. He paused to wipe himself clean before leaning back over Fay and kissing the side of his face gently; the wizard had not made a sound or moved in some time. He loosed the ties binding Fay’s joints just enough slip the knife through and
 yank – the ruined scraps of material fluttered lifelessly to the ground – and slowly unwound the curtain from around the other’s face.

Fay collapsed in a boneless heap on the floor, regarding Kurogane with a dazed confusion which reflected his complete inability to decide whether he should be narrowing his eyes in anger or passing out in bliss. He opted for the latter and sighed contentedly as he closed his eyes. 

“Come on,” Kurogane tugged at his hand, running the pad of a finger over a red patch where the ties had rubbed a little too raw, “Bed.”

Fay opened one eye resentfully and peeled the remains of his shirt away, stuffing it into a rough ball before flinging it at Kurogane’s face. “Can’t,” he muttered sleepily, “Dead.”

“Yes you…oh come on!” Kurogane huffed as his leverage on Fay’s arm merely dragged the wizard’s forward to rest his head to rest in Kurogane’s lap.

Fay sleepily groped the surrounding floor with his free hand until he found the tattered remains of the sheets, which he lifted weakly. “Kuro-sama killed the bed…” He dropped the sheet without further comment and pushed up to smile deviously at Kurogane. “That means he gets to be the bed,” he insisted, nudging Kurogane’s shoulders backward with his head until they met the floorboards.

“I did no-” Kurogane’s retort was cut short as his head met the ground with a thud and Fay proceeded to wrap himself snugly around his torso. He sighed and stared into the darkness as the snoring began.

He supposed it wasn’t a bad resolution to an argument about fish tits…

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