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Because, obviously, I need to increase my NaNo word count by any means possible...

Most All of these are de-anons from the [livejournal.com profile] clampkink Meme.  Prompt is listed where appropriate.

Ginryuu is shinier than a shot gun...
Prompt: Kurogane/Sakura - father/daughter relationship

Kurogane slammed the door behind the blond-haired youth, who had run quickly away from the doorstep at the first sight of Ginryuu's shining blade.  He grinned.  "Tell the princess I think he'll be leaving her alone from now on," he muttered as he stalked to the kitchen.

Syaoran shuddered and glanced up at Fay.  "He's worse than King Touya..."

Fay's eyes widened in mute surprise.  Then, with a devious smile twisting the corners of his mouth, he skipped out of the hallway after Kurogane.  "Hey, Kuro-sama!  You ever heard of a Princess Complex??"

Your Mom
Prompt: Kurogane/Fay - pregnancy

Kurogane stared in horror at the legion of tiny fluff balls littering the living room.  Pink, blue, green; there was even one with tiger stripes.  And they were all hungry.

Fay sat nearby, an exhausted Mokona reclining in his lap.  He smiled teasingly, "Think of it this way, Kuro-sama; we finally know what gender Mokona is!"

Kurogane eyed the wizard suspiciously.  He certainly didn't put it past that Dimensional Bitch to dabble in manjuu Mpreg...

Prompt: Mr. & Mrs. Li/m!Tsubasa - Bedtime stories

Tsubasa gaped in horror at his father.  "So he killed his father and married his mother?"

Syaoran nodded sadly and set the book at the bedside table.  "Now son, I hope you've learned a lesson from this story."

Tsubasa nodded emphatically and pulled the blankets up snugly under his chin.  He wasn't going near any girls from now on, especially ones that looked like his mom.

Sakura waited silently just beyond the door as her husband said his goodnights and kissed their son on the forehead.  "That's never going to get old for you, is it?" she murmured as he stepped back into the hallway.  Syaoran grinned and shook his head.  Sakura sighed and closed the door behind him, "No more Greek tragedies before bed.  You're going to give him a complex..."

Everyone Loves Reddi-Wip
Prompt: Touya/Yukito - disappointment

"Come for dessert," To-ya had said.  It was a simple invitation, but far too exciting to turn down.  Kinomoto-san baked the most delicious cakes, and occasionally there was Jello or pudding as well, topped with fresh fruit and cream.  Or maybe Sakura-chan had baked cookies to go along with their tea - perhaps chocolate chip or ginger snaps, though really, even her sugar cookies were delicious.

He felt a bit guilty when his face fell at the sight of Touya sprawled naked across his bed, waiting.

At least until he spotted the canister of whipped cream.

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